Thursday, May 12, 2016

Baltimore Orioles 1995-1997 Alternate Cap

Today's post is a seldom seen Baltimore Orioles alternate cap. This cap was introduced in 1995 by the O's, being worn primarily with the black alternate jersey. In 1998 the Orioles introduced new logos, meaning 1997 would have been the last season for this cap. However, little evidence exists of it being worn that season.
This cap was worn occasionally with the black alternate jerseys in 1995, and appeared at least once with the regular white uniforms.
In 1996 it was worn a little more often, from what I can tell only with the black jerseys. This cap was worn during the infamous September 27, 1996 game, in which Orioles second baseman Roberto Alomar spit on an umpire during an argument.
I am yet to find photographic evidence of this cap being worn during the 1997 season, but it certainly could have been. In 1998 the Original switched to a more detailed bird logo, meaning the end for this cap for good.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Atlanta Braves 1981-1985 Home Cap

Today's post is one of the few vintage New Era caps I own. As in, this is not a remake of an old cap for a Turn Back the Clock game, but rather an actual vintage cap. I'm thrilled to have this in my collection, and am hoping to add more vintage caps in the near future.

This particular cap was worn by the Atlanta Braves for home games from 1981-1985. The road cap was almost identical, minus the red outline. In fact, the road uniform did not feature any red at all, which is odd for the Braves. This set of uniforms is often forgotten by baseball fans, as they were sandwiched between the famous Hank Aaron-era uniforms and the current set, which first appeared in 1987.

The 1986 season is somewhat puzzling for the Braves, uniform-wise. All signs point to 1985 being the last season for the red-trimmed home cap. That means in 1986 the Braves wore the royal blue cap with the solid white "A," before switching the to current navy and red look they rock now.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Omaha Storm Chasers Unveil New Uniforms

The Omaha Storm Chasers just concluded an event in which they announced new uniforms, among other things. "5th Fest" was held as a public event to make a few announcements for the upcoming 2016 baseball season. The Chasers are celebrating 5 years, having rebranded from the Omaha Royals before the 2011 season.
Omaha used this event to announce their renovated community program, rebranded as "Chasers Charities." The program joins forces with several groups in Omaha to bring baseball to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it. Storm Chasers General Manager Martie Cordaro announced the updated program which will strengthen the already impressive community connection the team has with Omaha.

The event was also used to break news of a new agreement between the Kansas City Royals and Omaha Storm Chasers. Kansas City and Omaha have had an operating agreement since both teams were founded in 1969. Omaha has been the Royals' Triple-A affiliate since then, and the contract expires after the 2016 season. Monday night, the Royals and Storm Chasers announced a partnership extension, which will keep the relationship intact until 2018. The partnership between Kansas City and Omaha is the longest active MLB-AAA affiliation in baseball.

Finally, the uniforms. Omaha unveiled three new uniforms for the 2016 season, in an effort to connect even further with the parent club Royals. The road uniforms drop black (save for the outline on the cap logo) in favor of royal blue. Two new alternate uniforms were introduced, and along with them, powder blue. The Chasers will don powder blue uniforms and caps in honor of the 2015 World Champion Royals. A new black alternate jersey features the "O/bolt" logo with a very unique lightning bolt design.

The new on-field caps and replica jerseys were available for purchase at the event, and Omaha baseball lovers were quick to get their wallets out. The new products will be available at the Storm Front Team Store at Werner Park, and online.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Cap

Today's post is a Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series cap. On this date it 2007, the Red Sox completed a 4-game sweep of the Colorado Rockies to win their second World Series title in four seasons.
At the time I was rooting heavily for the Rockies, who had won 21 of their last 22 games entering the World Series. They were a fun team to root for that postseason, but didn't put up much of a fight. I'll post my Rockies cap from the 2007 World Series someday.
The Rockies have never had as much success since that season, making the playoffs only once, in 2009. The Red Sox, however, made it back to the postseason three times, winning the World Series in 2013.

Here is the video of Game 4:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 World Series, Who Ya Got?

Who will win the World Series? Vote now! Poll is available on the left sidebar, closes on Friday.

Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series Cap

Today's post is a Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series cap. On this date in 1991 the Twins won what most people consider the greatest World Series of all time. I strongly agree, and not just because I'm a Twins fan. It took 10 innings in Game 7, but the Twins defeated the Atlanta Braves. Minnesota's Jack Morris pitched the game of his life, going all 10 innings and not allowing any runs.
The entire 1991 World Series provided thrilling games, with 5 of the 7 begin decided by one run, and 3 of them going into extra innings. Games 6 and 7 are two of the greatest games ever played, in my opinion. Game 6 was highlighted by the late Kirby Puckett's heroics. In the top of the 3rd inning, Puckett made an incredible leaping watch against the plexiglass Metrodome wall to prevent a home run, keeping the score 2-0 in favor of the Twins. Both teams scored a few more runs, and the game was tied after 9 innings.
In the bottom of the 11th, Kirby Puckett sent a ball just over the left-centerfield wall, sending the series to a 7th game. As Puckett rounded the bases and pumped his fist, the great Jack Buck proclaimed, "We'll see you tomorrow night!"
Game 7 did not feature the drama of robbing or hitting home runs. It was, however, extremely intense. No runs were scored through 9 innings. Jack Morris pitched a complete game shutout, and Minnesota knocked a run across in the bottom of the 10th to win their second World Series. An injured Gene Larkin dropped a base hit into left-center field with the bases loaded, and Minnesota's Dan Gladden trotted home from 3rd base to win the game.
I have watched games 6 and 7 of this series several times, and every time I get a little emotional. I'm too young to have seen the '91 World Series live, but I own the games on DVD and watch them every October. As a Twins fan they're very special to watch, but as a baseball fan they are incredible to witness.

Today's cap is from New Era's World Series patch collection. It is nearly identical to the 1987 cap, except for the logo and navy squatchee. I have a baseball autographed by the '91 team, but failed to take a picture.

I'm also very privileged to have an amazing girlfriend who got me the autograph of Jack Morris earlier this month at a Twins game. I'm very thankful that she not only got tickets to the game, but went and asked Jack Morris to sign my ticket!

And here is all of Game 7!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Florida Marlins 1997 World Series Caps

Today's post is a 2-for-1! On this date in 1997 the Florida Marlins won their first World Series. I have two caps from that World Series, one being the primary black cap and the other being the old road/alternate cap. The '97 Marlins won the World Series in only their 5th season of existence, the fastest expansion franchise to do so, until Arizona won in 2001. The Series was capped off by a dramatic Game 7, in which the Marlins defeated the Cleveland Indians in 11 innings.
1997 marked the fist time the trophy presentation was held on the field, rather than in the team's locker room. That practice is now standard, occurring every year since, with the exception of the 1999 New York Yankees.

Just five days after the Marlins won the World Series, most of their best players were traded. The decision to dismantle the team was not well received by fans, and the 1998 Marlins finished with the worst record of a defending champion ever.

The Marlins would return to glory in 2003, winning another World Series championship. In 2012 the Florida Marlins rebranded as the Miami Marlins, and opened a new ballpark.

The two caps I own feature the 1997 World Series patch. The black primary cap is an original New Era cap from 1997. It features a gray underbrim and the patch is applied slightly higher than what we are used to seeing today. The other cap is teal/black, which was not actually used in the World Series. This cap is a reproduction, part of New Era's World Series patch collection.

1997 was the first season the Marlins wore the black caps full time on the home and road. Previously the teal caps with black bills were used as the road caps.

Florida won the World Series wearing their iconic sleeveless jerseys with black undershirts. In my personal opinion, this was the best uniform the Marlins have ever worn. The uniforms had been changed quite a bit by the time they won the 2003 World Series, using very little teal. The scripts across the jerseys were predominantly black, and the black alternate jersey was worn for the majority of games, especially on the road.

The 2012 rebranding coincided with the loss of this beautiful color scheme. Teal had essentially been phased out anyway, but it died for good in 2012. The Miami Marlins rock black, orange, and silver, and technically red, yellow, green, and blue, too. The orange caps introduced in 2012 are some of my favorites in baseball, but those have disappeared. The Marlins sure have a knack for letting go of good things...

Thanks to Major League Baseball, the entire Game 7 of the 1997 World Series is available on YouTube. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Minnesota Twins 1987 World Series Cap

Today's post is a Minnesota Twins 1987 World Series cap. On this date in 1987 Twins brought the first championship to Minnesota after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in 7 games. The Twins won their first Word Series while wearing new uniforms, including the iconic underlined M logo that adorned the caps from 1987 to 2000. As a die-hard Twins fan, this is one of my favorite caps in my collection!
The '87 Twins made a magical run to the World Series under the watch of manager Tom Kelly. "TK" won the World Series in his first full season as manager of the Twins, a rare feat.

The 1987 season was the first for the Twins in their iconic pinstriped uniforms. The previous set had pullover jerseys with red caps at home and navy caps on the road. With the introduction of the 1987 set, a new word mark was introduced and pinstripes were added. The navy cap with the new M logo was used full time.

1987 also introduced the Homer Hanky, which has become a favorite among Twins fans. This was also the first World Series to ever have games played indoors.

This cap is part of the World Series patch collection by New Era, and features no MLB logo on the back, staying true to the time period.

I have owned this cap for years now, but am still in the process of re-creating a 1987 Twins jersey. I'm considering adding a World Series patch to the sleeve, despite that not being historically accurate.

The Twins would go on to win the 1991 World Series as well, which used a very similar logo (1987 is replaced with 1991). Hopefully under Paul Molitor the Twins can bring another World Series trophy home soon!

And for your enjoyment, Game 7 of the 1987 World Series in its entirety!