Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Atlanta Braves 1981-1985 Home Cap

Today's post is one of the few vintage New Era caps I own. As in, this is not a remake of an old cap for a Turn Back the Clock game, but rather an actual vintage cap. I'm thrilled to have this in my collection, and am hoping to add more vintage caps in the near future.

This particular cap was worn by the Atlanta Braves for home games from 1981-1985. The road cap was almost identical, minus the red outline. In fact, the road uniform did not feature any red at all, which is odd for the Braves. This set of uniforms is often forgotten by baseball fans, as they were sandwiched between the famous Hank Aaron-era uniforms and the current set, which first appeared in 1987.

The 1986 season is somewhat puzzling for the Braves, uniform-wise. All signs point to 1985 being the last season for the red-trimmed home cap. That means in 1986 the Braves wore the royal blue cap with the solid white "A," before switching the to current navy and red look they rock now.

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