Thursday, May 12, 2016

Baltimore Orioles 1995-1997 Alternate Cap

Today's post is a seldom seen Baltimore Orioles alternate cap. This cap was introduced in 1995 by the O's, being worn primarily with the black alternate jersey. In 1998 the Orioles introduced new logos, meaning 1997 would have been the last season for this cap. However, little evidence exists of it being worn that season.
This cap was worn occasionally with the black alternate jerseys in 1995, and appeared at least once with the regular white uniforms.
In 1996 it was worn a little more often, from what I can tell only with the black jerseys. This cap was worn during the infamous September 27, 1996 game, in which Orioles second baseman Roberto Alomar spit on an umpire during an argument.
I am yet to find photographic evidence of this cap being worn during the 1997 season, but it certainly could have been. In 1998 the Original switched to a more detailed bird logo, meaning the end for this cap for good.

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